A Living Temple – Introduction to Secuntra Nexion

ONA / O9A Italia


Understanding The Nexion

Nexion, in a simplistic sense, is an esoteric term that describes

[…] a specific connexion between, or the intersection of, the causal and the acausal, and nexions can, exoterically, be considered to be akin to ‘gates’ or openings or ‘tunnels’ where there is, or can be, either a flow of acausal energy (and thus also of acausal entities) from the acausal into our causal Space and causal Time; a journeying into the acausal itself; or a willed, conscious flow or presencing (by dark sorcery) of acausal energies.

Basically, there are three main types of nexion. The first is an actual physical nexion. The second type of nexion is a living causal being, such as ourselves. The third type of nexion is a magickal creation: that is, some form in-which acausal energy is presenced or ‘channelled into’ by a sinister Adept.” [1]

As described above, whereas one particular nexion is the human being, another type is a form (of any kind) in which acausal energy is channelled with specific intent. One of the formative experiences of a committed Sinister Initiate following the initiatory Seven-Fold Way involves establishing and running a Temple/group/nexion for a certain length of causal time in order to obtain experience in: ceremonial magick, the manipulation of different individuals, and living through various roles and archetypes essential to their personal development.

The External Adept (the stage or grade in which these tasks are usually undertaken) will have to choose one of two ways for the newly established group to conduct itself (this decision is usually made following the founding of the group):

  1. The Temple/group/nexion is for the exclusive use of the External Adept, whereby
    members are recruited for the purpose of obtaining specific experiences.

  2. The Temple/group/nexion has an Aeonic aim and as such aims to realistically guide its members toward Adeptship and beyond.

The Temple/group/nexion for the exclusive use of the External Adept has a limited lifespan, and is usually disbanded after a certain period of causal time. The Aeonic Temple/group/nexion has a longer lifespan and maintains a supra-personal awareness, one not limited to the ego of those who run it. When the External Adept reaches the end of their stage, they may experience a different and more profound state of consciousness, an appreciation for being a member of a living tradition, as well as a deeper insight regarding the Aeonic importance of a community that lives and is prepared to die for a common Logos.

The Satanic Temple in practice describes in microcosm one of the most important magickal aims for the immediate future: the establishment of an esoteric community. […] Such a venture made real, would take magick into an entirely new phase, away from the dying, urban scene of the present: it would re-interpret magick as the most profound way of living. […] To reiterate, this Great Rite of natural magick will allow a move away from the ‘post-modernism’ of present Occultism towards a new phase where individual lives can be dedicated to a higher purpose. Those who have been denuded of real power by the System can now begin to create History – all it requires is strength of Will. For the Magickian, there could be no greater Quest.” [2]

Moreover, the creation of a genuine Temple/group/nexion (i.e., one with supra-personal aims) is a rare event, because it requires people who are prepared and ready to face and overcome the numerous ordeals placed in their way; it requires persons who have consciously undertaken an Initiatory Way that lasts a lifetime (qv. Seven-Fold Way). It requires those who, although maintaining their individuality and solitary path, share and implement common aims . This genuine Temple/group/nexion is not only a sharing-place of pathei-mathos for all of its associates, but is additionally often bound to a particular land or rural area, marking itself as an important aspect of it: Blut und Boden.

Italian Temple of The Order of Nine Angles


Secuntra is the exoteric name of the Italian Nexion of the Order of Nine Angles ( ONA, O9A), the Order’s Traditional Temple for over a decade. Secuntra is the Italian hereditary guardian of a genuinely Western tradition, one firmly rooted in Europe and referred to as the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition or Hebdomadry. (In the past and present, its sinister aspect is referred to as the Sinister Tradition).

Correctly understood, the Secuntra Nexion is a direct emanation of both the acausal and the nexion referred to as the ONA/O9A. The Temple’s associates follow and practice the initiatory path known as the Seven-Fold Way in the traditional manner, and the Greco-Roman pagan mystics in honour of the ancestral heritage of both Italic soil and the genuine Western tradition, choosing primarily the dangerous and extreme form of Traditional Satanism (one which advocates terrorism, human sacrifice, crime and political and religious extremism) as a vehicle to Presence the Dark, and as a means of personal Nigredo.

The initiated apprehension of O9A esotericism is of a particular, modern, and occult, weltanschauung that melds aspects of ancient hermetic mysticism, and certain pagan traditions, with a personal exoteric and esoteric pathei-mathos. Esoterically, this occult weltanschauung is a new logos – that is, a new perceiveration and a new way of living and a new ethos – and one which the term ‘the sinisterly-numinous’ reasonably well describes, for it is a balancing of (i) the previous ‘numinous logos’ which became manifest, over two millennia ago, in causal forms such as gnosticism and Christianity, with (ii) what is ‘sinister’ (which is and has been manifest in various causal forms, such as ‘traditional satanism’ and occult antinomianism), and which balancing, involving as it does various practical means and thus a personal pathei-mathos, enables first a return to the Unity beyond all causal forms and thence a conscious evolution of ourselves, as individuals.[3]

[ONA claims] (1) that most of their traditions and Occult praxises are firmly rooted in an ancient European paganism and in Western Occultism; (2) that the Western Occult tradition is and always been based on a septenary system; and (3), that the Qabalistic system – beloved and used by all other Western occultists from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to Crowley to LaVey and Aquino and others – is a later, medieval, and ‘magian’, distortion of the Western tradition.” [4]

In stark contrast to the unbalanced, masculous, egoistic ipseity manifest by both modern satanism and by the modern, Western, Left Hand Path, the O9A – despite outer appearances and despite its intentionally confusing mythos – continues the classical (Greco-Roman) tradition of esoteric paganism, manifest as that tradition is in (i) a personal, and years-long, anados (a quest for immortality) involving myesis and various practical esoteric arts, rites, mysteriums, and techniques; in (ii) an understanding (intuitive or otherwise) of the need to acquire or cultivate (by various means) a certain inner equilibrium as a prelude to apprehending our physis, the physis of other living beings, and the physis of Being itself, so that we are ‘not foiled in acquiring knowledge germane to our essence’, and in (iii) an exeatic (pagan) living balanced by an awareness (intuitive or otherwise) of supra-personal affective forces (howsoever described or denoted) beyond the power of egoistic mortals to control.

Furthermore, the O9A not only continues that classical tradition but has also substantially evolved it, as for instance by (i) providing, in the Seven Fold Way, a very practical anados that anyone can follow, and by (ii) correcting the thousands of years old imbalance between the masculous and the muliebral, an imbalance (a bias toward the masculous) that was internal (personal, esoteric, in the psyche) and external (in societies, in manufactured abstractions, in ideologies and ideations), and which imbalance not only meant that only a few individuals, per century, evolved toward wisdom, but also that external forms and structures followed an inexorable pattern of temporal rise, decline, and fall, and which unnecessary cyclicity has stifled our evolutionary potential as conscious beings.[5]

In contrast to that patriarchal ethos – which has dominated the world, East and West, for millennia – the O9A tradition is of ἀρρενόθηλυς: of balancing the masculous with the muliebral through pathei-mathos both Occult and exoteric.” [6]

Secuntra Nexion’s aims are as follows:


  1. Spreading the teachings of the aural tradition firmly rooted in Europe known as the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition/Hebdomadry/Septenary System/Seven-Fold Way – as disclosed by the ONA/O9A, and in opposition to the Hebrewesque teachings/traditions (qv. Qabalah) disclosed by so-called Western occultists.

  2. Spreading the teachings of the dangerous and extreme form of Satanism known as Traditional, as disclosed by the ONA/O9A; and, conversely, to dismantle the weak versions of Satanism propagated by docile latter-day Satanists.

  3. Countering the distortion of the Nazarene/Magian current on Italian soil, infiltrating groups and structures emanating this distortion and disintegrating them from within – thereby aiding the Sinister Dialectic and those exoteric forms that favour it.

  4. Presencing the Dark by doing and encouraging sinister, exeatic acts of defiance in honour of the Dark Gods.

  5. Conducting sinisterly-numinous ceremonies at particular times of the year as a form of celebration in order to maintain the various nexions active on Italian soil, and working through these using Aeonic Magick.

  6. Guiding those few really interested individuals, who have overcome our several tests and ordeals, along the difficult and dangerous initiatory path known as the Seven-Fold Way, in the traditional manner.

The founder (or Initiate 0) of Secuntra Nexion, a loner Initiate of the Sinister Tradition, assumed both the burden and the honour of translating the most important works of the Order into the Italian language [7]. The initial aim of this act was to use those teachings to progress along the Seven-Fold Way, both for himself and for the associates of the Nexion. This phase lasted approximately four years of causal time. These teachings were partially and subsequently disseminated through the creation of a public profile for the Nexion in order to initiate the spread of ONA/O9A Mythos, often taking an adversarial and defiant role. In addition to the opening of a nexion, another aspect of this phase involved the grounding of acausal energy in particular places, thus establishing and maintaining a connection with the Tradition. During a special celebration involving the opening of an Earth Gate – and followed by the natural form of the Rite of the Nine Angles, performed by a Priest and Priestess – a large quartz crystal tetrahedron was buried within a circle of seven stones on top of the mountain known as Secuntra.

The second phase saw the opening of two additional nexions, both located in some wild places within an ancient Italian forest already linked to Secuntra nexion. These locations have represented and continue to represent the centre of the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition in Italy (spanning the top of various mountains and the entire surrounding area). There, one can still intimately feel an ancestral pagan tradition related to the land, to the clan and to a warrior ethos. Of the two additional nexions opened one emanates a masculous energy (related to the spheres of Mercury, Mars, Sun on the Tree of Wyrd); whereas the other emanates a muliebral energy (related to the spheres of Jupiter, Venus, Moon on the Tree of Wyrd). Two large quartz crystals shaped like tetrahedrons were also buried within stone circles at these sites. Secuntra is the most important nexion, representing a synthesis/amalgam of the masculous and muliebral aspects/energies of the other two nexions (culminating in the sphere of Saturn and the Tree of Wyrd in its entirety ). Sinisterly-numinous rites continue to be celebrated in order to keep these nexions active.

These mountains, great valleys, woods, and the entire surrounding area of this region were an important emanation of the Hellenic Aeon and Greco-Roman ethos in ancient times – an ethos which underlies the genuine Western tradition. This region is still pervaded by an even more ancient and ancestral pagan tradition, which serves as a link to the rural tradition of the ONA/Rounwytha/Camlad (aka Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition/Hebdomadry).

Places of significance for the Tradition are passed down orally to the Nexion’s Initiates during a stage of their journey along the Seven-Fold Way. Two Guardians ( including both a woman and a man) guard these locations and celebrate sinisterly-numinous rites during particular periods.

An important aspect of Secuntra Nexion is the celebration and emanation of the energies that represent the dark feminine, as embodied by our Dark Goddess, Baphomet. To this end, hard work is required to develop the necessary muliebral qualities and skills within each associate (with the aim of successively arriving at an amalgam of, and balance between, the masculous and muliebral aspects). It is no surprise, in turn, that almost all of these associates are women; and, of course, our special kind of woman: often dangerous and deadly.

[…] [O9A] always opposed the patriarchal ethos that has dominated and still dominates most of the world, manifest as this ethos is esoterically in the doctrine of ‘might is right’, in the axiom of the primacy and egoism of the individual (‘my will be done’/der Wille zur Macht).” [8]

[…] the muliebral presences and manifests what is a-causal – what, in the past, has often inclined us to appreciate the numinous – while the masculous presences and manifests what is causal, temporal, and what in the past has often inclined us toward hubris and being egoistic.” [9]

One of the manifest errors – distortions – of the Left Hand Path, and of the Satanic, Magian Occultism so prevalent in the West, in the past, as still now, is its patriarchal nature and the fact that it is dominated by the de-evolutionary doctrine of so-called might is right and thus dominated by and infested with male specimens of Homo Hubris who have no sense of honour, no culture, no empathy, no arête, little or no self-honesty, little or no manners, but who instead possess a bloated ego and a very high opinion of themselves.

[…] The truth is that many women are naturally gifted with qualities that many men still lack – qualities necessary in men for balance, both esoteric and exoteric. And qualities certainly required for someone to become an Internal Adept of our tradition and then pass into and beyond The Abyss, and thus qualities required to bring forth an entirely new and more evolved species of human being.” [10]

Employed Tactics

Part of the Secuntra Nexion’s physis, in addition to the ONA/O9A physis, can be represented by the term “shape-shifter”. That is, the Nexion has used, and will continue to use, the necessary and useful means/forms for the implementation of its short and long-term aims (qv. Sinister Dialectic). These means/forms include the dangerous and extreme forms of Traditional Satanism and National Socialism/Fascism. As with all exoteric forms, these are but a means, and, as such, do not and never have represented the essence of the Nexion. Simply put, Secuntra and the ONA/O9A are and
always have been beyond the forms employed.

[…] in its essence this practical O9A path, or way, is not ‘satanic’, not a ‘left hand path’, and not a ‘right hand path’, even though it has elements which could be described by such conventional terms. It is just different, unique, new. […] it’s a journey and a way of life which, if they embark upon them, will take them from ‘the sinister’ toward ‘the numinous’ and thence toward what is beyond both those causal forms.[11]

The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition: it is not now and never was either strictly satanist or strictly Left Hand Path, but uses ‘satanism’ and the LHP as ‘causal forms’; that is, as techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges (amoral and otherwise) in a decades-long personal anados to engender in the initiate both esoteric, and exoteric, pathei-mathos, and which pathei-mathos is the beginning of wisdom.

The extreme type of ‘satanism’ advocated by the O9A is – for O9A initiates – only one part of the ‘sinister’ aspect of the sinisterly-numinous tradition: a necessary and novitiate pathei-mathos, a modern ‘rite of passage’.” [12]

[…] the O9A initiate has to live, in a practical way and for several years, a ‘sinister’ life and then, again in a practical way and for several years, a ‘numinous’ life. According to the O9A it’s only from the personal understanding (the learning from practical experience) of both types of lives over a period of many years (a decade or more) that there is an affective enantiodromia and thus the acquisition of wisdom. Anything else is insufficient.” [13]

Thus the term the sinisterly-numinous tradition does seem appropriate to describe the esoteric philosophy of the Order of Nine Angles, their Seven Fold Way, and what they present, presence, and represent – their ethos and culture – beyond their polemics and their use, via Aeonic Sorcery, of various causal forms. For, correctly understood, the O9A presence and represent some-thing – a unique practical modern occult way – beyond satanism, beyond the Left Hand Path, beyond paganism, and beyond ancient hermeticism.” [14]

The first appearance of the exoteric aspects of Secuntra Nexion to the public seven years ago (mainly through the internet) saw the awakening of a movement within what some refer to as the Occult brotherhood/scene. With the aim of spreading some of the ONA/O9A teachings – both exoteric (qv. Traditional Satanism) and esoteric related to aural tradition known under various names (Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition, Seven-Fold Way, Septenary System, Hebdomadry) – the interest in the Temple increased. Several individuals approached it with the intent to follow its principles, methods, and praxis.

Over the years, this led to having to deal with different types of people, most of whom without no surprise proved to be without the necessary Promethean elan and totally mundane!

From the analysed human sample four types of individuals emerged:

  1. The first type of individual includes those who dealt with us indirectly through the internet for some time, but left with or without excuses due to the difficulty and danger of the Seven-Fold Way.

  2. The second type of individual – who are paradoxically the most conspicuous – includes all of those who, though having nothing to do with us, speak and write on our behalf. This has occurred privately and publicly, as well as directly and indirectly, through the means of the internet and otherwise. Having ignored hundreds of texts from the 1970s to the present, and having gotten quite lost in the Order’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus, these individuals are often eager to inform the world what both the ONA/O9A and Secuntra Nexion are all about. This is usually based on a cursory reading of some selective and rudimentary Order MSS. These people almost always live on forums, mailing lists, and various groups via social networks; and are quick to proclaim membership or association with either the ONA/O9A, or with some particular nexion as for example Secuntra. Having had no first-hand experience with certain subject matters, some individuals additionally distort most of what is written through their awkward attempts at translation, both of Order MSS, and through the creation of web pages and blogs related to the ONA/O9A.

  3. The third type of individual, while comprising a small category, includes those who have been interacting directly with the Temple for some time, but have lost contact with us for one reason or another.

  4. The fourth type of individual – the only type of some value – includes those who have been dealing with us (initially, some times, indirectly through the internet, but almost always in a direct manner by way of clandestine recruitment, de visu). After having passed several tests, ordeals, and obstacles placed in their way (often by us), these individuals have acquired direct, personal knowledge of the Nexion, and, consequently, of the tradition that the ONA/O9A represents.

While there is nothing significant about the first three types of individuals, a few their usefulness should be noted. First, some of our associates have entertained themselves by directing, manipulating, and testing these individuals through the use of sinister games – games which have been employed by the ONA/O9A for over forty years.

This is especially the case with the second type of individual – those of the o9a-pretendu-crowd that for us are nothing more than raw material we played and play our sinister games with. Additionally, the first and third types of individuals have proved useful in grounding the particular energy that the ONA/O9A and Secuntra Nexion represent.

All first three types of individuals have aided in our short and long term aims (qv. Sinister Dialectic), particularly in spreading the Mythos of the ONA/O9A. This will not please many, but it is like that!

Beyond The Mirror


To see beyond the mirror of the mundane is not that difficult. While it requires sagacity and insight, more than anything one needs to possess, or have the potential to develop, a particular type of physis.

A member of this o9a-pretendu crowd is easy to spot, on-line and off-line, for their words and their opinions reveal their lack of style, their lack of sinister experience, their lack of esoteric understanding.” [15]

And to those who claim an authentic association in the nexion called Secuntra, one might begin by asking them the following questions:

  1. What is the date that marks the esoteric emergence of Secuntra Nexion?

  2. What is the name of a place of great esoteric importance in which one is expected to encounter during the ordeal of the Italian Black Pilgrimage?

  3. What is the name of the force/energy which the Secuntra mountain is dedicated to?

  4. What are the esoteric and exoteric homes, respectively, of Secuntra Nexion?

  5. Where were the Esoteric Chants of Secuntra Nexion celebrated and recorded?

Instead, how many of those so skilled with words and who claim to be ONA/O9A, for example, have deliberately and as part of their anodos:

  1. Undertaken a culling?

  2. Undertaken the rite of External Adept?

  3. Trained for and achieved the basic physical challenges of our Way?

  4. Undertaken several Insight Roles?

  5. Undertaken the rite of Internal Adept or spent at least three months alone in the wilderness?

  6. Indulged in violent, ‘criminal’, and other amoral activities for six months to a year?

  7. Acquired skill in Esoteric Chant and performed it with a group?

  8. Acquired skill in the advanced form of the Star Game?

  9. Undertaken rites to invoke the Dark Gods using a large crystal tetrahedron?

  10. Run a group/nexion/temple of many individuals for a year or two – and so had to deal with their questions, the squabbles, the rivalry?

  11. Had that group/nexion/temple plan and conduct the tests for selecting an opfer and then perform a rite of sacrifice?

  12. Sinisterly manipulated or incited someone, or several, into undertaking a culling and/or an act of terror?

  13. Sinisterly manipulated or incited someone, or several, into a life of violence and/or crime and/or of practical heretical/adversarial activism disruptive of the status quo? [15]

Joining Secuntra Nexion

Being part of Secuntra Nexion means to possess a particular physis and to live according to the Logos of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) enshrined in the Code of Kindred Honour.

[…] since such honour is considered as a primary means of maintaining the necessary (internal and external, and esoteric and exoteric) balance between causal and acausal, between the ‘sinister’ and the ‘numinous’, and between the masculous and the muliebral.” [16]

It means individuals who know each other in person and by virtue of the Code of Kindred Honour share an oath, a secret and common aims. As such, Secuntra Nexion is like an extended family, a clan linked by bonds of honour and comradeship.

The Secuntra Nexion, being the traditional Italian Nexion of the Order of Nine Angles ( ONA, O9A), provides guidance and advice to all of those who, after a long and often painful quest, come to us. For the rest there is plenty of other groups around.

[…] we expand nefariously, internationally, and often in the traditional esoteric manner of a covert personal recruitment of those with our physis or whom we judge have the potential to develop our type of physis. In practical terms this often amounts to recruiting (and then testing) those individuals who are or who may be useful to us in our own esoteric quest and our own lives and useful to our nexion (as in them beginning their own quest), and/or who may be useful to the Aeonic aims of the O9A, as for example by them recruiting specific others or by them ‘presencing the dark’ through various actions and activities.” [17]

We grow and have grown slowly, as befits our Aeonic perspective. Slowly, through personal contact, a personal knowing, pledges of duty and loyalty based on our code of honour… It means we are something of a large, growing, unconventional family, whose relations and relatives are becoming dispersed around the Earth, and who – unlike many extended natural families – have a shared, supra-personal, purpose and a shared culture. Naturally, like all families, sometimes there are disputes, as sometimes a young son or daughter leaves home to adopt another culture or none. But by and large the family stays together, because of our culture, our traditions, our practices, our Occult abilities and faculties, our very long-term esoteric aims and goals. Which is one reason why many of our people have been with us, part of our family, for ten, twenty, thirty years and more, and why we have slowly grown through assimilating their friends, their sons, their daughters, their relatives, their colleagues. And why we have recruited, we still recruit and will continue to recruit, in the old-fashioned way.” [18]

Secuntra Nexion, ONA

127 yf

secuntra9 [at] protonmail [dot] com



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